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UserLeap and Microsurveys

UserLeap is a continuous product research tool that helps you automatically capture the user insights you need to consistently improve your product, user experience, marketing, and more.

While traditional surveys are slow, difficult to target, and lack context, UserLeap microsurveys are delivered automatically to specific users at specific moments throughout the customer journey — all within the product experience.

Before we begin with the specifics, let's take a moment to review the solutions available from UserLeap to support your research strategy.

UserLeap supports two primary delivery methods:

In Product solutions are described as delivering research engagement via

Out of Product solutions are described as delivering research engagement via

The In Product methods may require a few more steps or colleagues to get involved, while the Out of Product methods require very few steps or a need for colleagues to contribute to launching your first microsurvey.

UserLeap also supports several integration options that can help you refine your research strategy over time. For our Quick Start guides, integration options are excluded but can be located in the Integrations section of our documentation.

In Product

To get started with In Product research, you’ll need to determine the best options based on your skillset or your team’s capacity. Listed below are some considerations when getting started with either Website and Web Applications or Mobile Applications.

  • Websites and Web Applications
    • Your team’s preference for a native JavaScript installation or use of Google Tag Manager
    • Either option is viable. Their trade-offs are described in the Quick Start guide.
  • Mobile Applications
    • Your team’s preference for iOS, Android, and or React Native.
    • Your team’s sprint cycles, skill sets, product roadmap, and relationship with operating system providers.

Out of Product

To get started with Out of Product research, you’ll need access to a few internal data sets and understand how that data set needs to be formatted so that UserLeap can support your research strategy. Listed below are some considerations when getting started with either Email microsurveys or Link microsurveys.

  • Email
    • The list of users to send it to along with an attribute about those users.
    • Access to the dataset that can be exported, transformed, and imported.
  • Link
    • A place to embedded the link such as a website or an email.
    • Access to a data set that can be exported, transformed, and imported.

Start Simple

For your first microsurvey, we recommend starting simple.

  1. Identify your most urgent business or user experience problem.
  2. Select the delivery method you’d like to use.
  3. Choose one of our microsurvey templates.

The Quick Start guides provide an introduction to the four delivery methods: Web, Mobile, Email and Link.

As you get more comfortable, you can get far more advanced with your microsurvey targeting and delivery.

As always, if you need any help, our Customer Success team is here when you need us. Feel free to reach out at any time if you have questions.

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UserLeap and Microsurveys

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